Equipment Investment Boosts Production Times

S5001427Here at Fluid Research we recently invested in a brand new XYZ CNC Milling Machine with the aim of improving productivity in our Machine Shop.

Since the installation of XYZ SMX 2000 mill just four weeks ago, we have already seen a 50% increase in productivity comparable to our previous system, and this figure is expected to rise even further as we uncover more of what can be done using the machine’s ProtoTRAK control.

Barry Thorne, our Machine Shop Manager comments “It is pleasing to see that our objective has been achieved so quickly and we are excited to share the good news with our customers, who will really reap the benefits of this newly installed equipment.”

As a CNC machine, the new mill is computer controlled and this brings many advantages. For example we can produce parts with a greater accuracy and a higher quality surface finish. Furthermore, programs can be stored and then recalled, meaning it is quicker and easier than ever before to produce repeat parts.

The new two axis CNC machine has a 2.25 kW, 4200 revs/min spindle, making it ideal for many of the prototype and smaller batch production jobs passing through our machine shop.

A typical example of where the SMX 2000 is making significant productivity gains is on one of our very own dispensing systems. The dispensing system in question has a series of 12 counterbored holes on a pitch circle. Previously with the manual machine, each hole would have to be individually postioned and centre drilled, the tool would then be changed for the drill, and another tool change for the counterbore. This process was repeated 12 times, making a total of 36 too changes! Now with the ProtoTrak control on the new CNC Machine, positioning of the tools is done automatically, without the need for calculations or intervention by the operator, and the number of tool changes has reduced to just 3.

Barry Thorne concludes “It is no exaggeration to say that the XYZ SMX 2000 has doubled our machining capacity. In turn, our service to customers has dramatically improved as we can produce spare parts much quicker for those items that we make to order. In addition, there are definite improvements to both quality and consistency of the parts we are machining.”

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