PL10025 Single Pump Pneumatic Machine improves dispensing consistency for automotive manufacturer


A high end automotive manufacturer is working on a low volume production R & D project. 




Currently the automotive manufacturer is manually dispensing material onto an automotive component using a handheld cartridge dispensing gun, but is becoming increasingly frustrated because this process is not resulting in the required consistency and is causing parts to be regularly scrapped.



After contacting Fluid Research (FR), a meeting was set up between our Sales Engineer and the automotive manufacturer in order to gain a fuller understanding of the manufacturer’s application.

With better knowledge of the application in question, the Fluid Research Sales Engineer identified that our PL10025 single component pneumatic dispensing system could provide the solution the automotive manufacturer has been looking for.Fluid Research PL10025 Single Pump Pneumatic Machine

The PL10025 machine was chosen for this particular application because of its ability to dispense a highly accurate metered volume of material with precise accuracy. Another major selling point of the PL10025 is that it guarantees the ‘repeatability’ of each dispense.

After highlighting the key features and benefits of the PL10025, the Fluid Research Sales Engineer initiated an open Q&A session. During this discussion, the automotive manufacturer raised questions about a number of bespoke add on’s, something which FRL has full capability to do, however it was decided that due to tight constraints on budget, these additions would be re-visited at a later stage, especially if production increases.

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