The NEW LC50BP mix and dispense machine is proving a winner in India



Our distributor in India, Ellsworth Adhesives, is finding the LC50BP the perfect fit for their customers in the fast growing LED manufacturing industry.



The background
Ellsworth’s customer is one of the leading players in lighting Industry and is striving to build on its already enviable position in this Industry. The company is keen to make an immediate impact in the growing segment of LED bulbs and lighting products. They have developed good prototype design electronic assembly which requires protection. To achieve this effectively they chose a two part potting material which has fillers in both resin and hardener components.  The initial production target was to produce 1 million bulbs in a month and to handle the 2 part resin system by hand, but this proved difficult for the operators who were not skilled in mixing and dispensing this type of product.
The company’s R&D Team discussed their concerns about material handling with the Ellsworth Adhesives team as they had already worked together to specify the most suitable potting system for their process. Ellsworth were able to recommend that the company use a Fluid Research mix and dispense machine to provide a suitable solution for production.


To provide the best solution for their production needs Ellsworth worked together with the manufacturer’s product engineering and production team to understand the complete application process and agreed on selection criteria for their application. The company is using 2 part thermally conductive potting material and it has to be poured accurately with a specific volume into the bulb housing. The production is not automated and there is lot of manual process involved.


Equipment Selection Criteria
1. Material should be mixed properly (since it is 2 part material a variation in mix ratio might result in material non-curing).
2. Shot size accuracy (it is volume production so this has to be good and every time)
3. Ease of application (production team was new to 2 part material so it is important for product engineering team to make it easy for them to use this and do it properly).
4. Tank Size (correct tank size for each component so that production objectives could be matched)
5. Simple maintenance and cleaning very important
6. Cost effective


Solution Recommended
The key for the Fluid Research team is do our best to understand our customers’ requirements in as much detail as possible so that we are able to make the right suggestions to achieve the most complete production outcomes. The team studied the application requirements and material behaviour and decided the best fit for this project was the new LC50BP mix and dispensing machine as it meets the all of the key requirements for the Ellsworth customer’s application.


The LC50BP Mix and Dispense Machine
The Twinflow LC50BP is a cost effective, entry level metering, mixing and dispensing machine. It benefits from our parallel fixed ratio drive mechanism ensuring consistent processing of material from low to medium viscosity.
Volumetric ratio’s available from 1:1 to 2:1 and shot size range from 5cc to 50cc utilising our proven ‘Posiload’ positive displacement technology. the ‘Posiload’ technology is at the heart of all the Fluid Research piston machines giving confidence to the mix quality and controlled ratio tolerance. Its compact size and small footprint makes it ideal for installation at the point of use enabling a cleaner, safer working environment.

For more information about the NEW LC50BP mix and dispense machine download the product sheet.

 FRL LC50BP Product Sheet (PDF)


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