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Fluid Research Ltd Standard XYZ Systems WRL200

The MARIO 3 axis Cartesian robot is a plug and play system with a working envelope of 200x200x100 and a 0.1mm resolution.

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Product Description

The MARIO Cartesian robot (WRL200), assures an effective production solution for all small businesses which want to take advantage of automation to improve their production processes without having to make large investments.

MARIO was designed specifically for fluid dispensing operations. Many production processes require the repetitive, fast and precise dosing of glues or other liquids which is very difficult to do manually. This versatile unit is easy to program and can be connect to a PC to modify its configuration parameters, diagnose the devices and create and modify system work programs.

The work programs are easy to create, simply by entering the work steps in a table or directly into the 3D graph. The 3D viewing of the work path and the possibility to enter comments, use the copy/paste or step-by-step debugging function assure minimum programming and editing times.  Work steps include 3D linear and circular movements, with point to- point or continuous path interpolation. The work profiles contain information on positioning, speed, input and output status. It is therefore possible, for example, to modify and program the dispensing parameters of the profile point by point.

Software and firmware can be upgraded on line free of charge.