Aerospace Sealant Scraper and Spatulas

Scraper TS1275-4

The Celcon® scraper has a convenient 0.75″ (19mm) working area and is used to scrape sealant off areas requiring rework or tidy-up. Such areas include the exterior pressurized fuselage skin: Lap Joints, Butt Joints, All other areas (i.e. antenna cut-outs, wing to body fairings, around window forgings, etc). For user comfort, the scraper side edges have been smoothed off. A hanging-hole, at the handle end, ensures the scraper can be stored away when not in use.

Spatulas TS1275-KP (Kit)

Available individually, or in a 3-piece kit, these spatulas can be used for a wide range of tasks, including the smoothing and scraping of adhesive and the mixing of multi-component adhesives. Manufactured from glass filled Nylon ensures that no damage will occur to area being worked on. Each end of the spatula is equipped with a moulded head so that a variety of applications can be performed without the need to change the tool frequently.


Techcon Systems plastic adhesive tools are ideal for smoothing sealants and adhesives for many aerospace applications. With the sealant scrapers manufactured from Celcon®, and spatulas from glass filled Nylon, these unique tools guarantee not to damage delicate substrates found in the aerospace industry.


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