TS Series Dispensing Guns, Retainers and Caps

TS16 Manual Handle Assembly
This lightweight manual handle assembly is ideal for field applications where compressed air is unavailable. The TS16 accepts all Techcon Systems TS Series Retainers.

TS950 Sealant Gun
The TS950 is a versatile, pneumatic sealant gun system with a metal palm grip gun that can be attached to a metal handle grip. This flexible dispenser accepts all Techcon Systems TS Series Retainers. TS950 guns are shipped without a hose assembly; the 1000-12 ten foot hose assembly can be ordered separately

TS Retainers
Techcon Systems retainers (cartridge sleeves) enclose the plastic cartridge enabling connection to the retainer cap. The retainer is made from durable aluminium and twists-locks into a retainer cap or dispensing gun. Viewing slots are strategically placed to view the fluid level inside the cartridge. Lightweight, durable and can withstand pressures up to 100psi (6.9bar).

TS Retainer Caps
Techcon Systems TS Series Retainer Cap provides a leak-proof connection between the dispenser and TS Cartridge Retainers. Quick Connect and Hose Assembly are available separately.


Available in both manual and air powered options, Techcon Systems TS Series dispensing guns, retainers and cap are designed to accommodate the extensive line of cartridges and Techkit.


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