TF Teflon Lined tips

The TF Series Teflon® lined tips are ideal for use with low viscosity materials and CA’s (Cyanoacrylates).  Benefits of using this tip include resisting Cyanoacrylate clogging and preventing damage to substrates.  These silicone and chloride-free tips feature a double Helix polypropylene hub and a rigid Teflon® crimped lining that projects approximately 1/8″ from  the inside of a stainless steel cannula.  Maximum operating pressure 100psi is (6.9bar).


Gauge Part Number (quantities of 50) Bulk Number (quantities of 1000)
20 TF720100PK TF720100-1000
25 TF725100PK TF725100-100


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Teflon lined tips are ideal for low viscosity fluids and to resist clogging when dispensing CA’s (Cyanoacrylates).


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