Twinflow Micro

Specifically designed to accurately dispense shots of two-component resin systems:

There are no material hoses between the rod pump outlets and mixer inlets which eliminates potential ratio or shot size problems due to hose expansion and contraction, this control is vital when dispensing such small shot sizes.

Resin materials can be gravity fed from on board reservoirs for flowable products or, pressure fed from cartridge or transfer pumps systems for pastes.  The Twinflow Micro is available in fixed or variable ratio, simple pneumatic or electric drive for ultimate control and integration with robot or XYZ profiling systems.


  • Potting
  • Gasketing
  • Sealing
  • Encapsulating


  • Automotive electronics
  • Medical devices
  • Product assembly
  • Consumer electronics



Utilises rod pump and Posiload™ piston pump technology enabling a shot size range from 0.01to 25 cc’s. Ratio range of 1:1 to100:1. Ideally suited for small shotting applications. Viscosities from water to 100,000cps.


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