Our Multi Component Systems and Equipment are divided into two distinct categories – piston pump metering and geared pump metering.

A Piston Pump or ‘Twinflow’ system employs two self-loading, positive displacement ‘ram’ type pumps.  The Fluid Research patented Posiload™ pump has a reciprocating piston that is designed to withdraw completely from the pump during each pump cycle. This feature allows the large piston to act as the inlet non return valve, and together with the vacuum and the large pump inlet, the possibility of inlet restriction is significantly reduced, enabling gravity feeding of even highly viscous materials.

A Geared Pump system meters material through two highly accurate meshed gears. It works by drawing the material into the pump inlet to be metered by the gear teeth around the inside circumference of the pump. The gear teeth then carry the material through the pump with the accuracy of volumetric displacement. At this stage, the metered material is discharged through the pump outlet, and the volume to be discharged is dependent on both the size of the pump and the rotational speed.  

When deciding which metering system is best for you, it is important to consider the drive. As a rule, the smaller the injection size, the smaller the mixture ratio, and the lower the permitted tolerance and the more dynamic metering is required, a higher quality drive is needed.