Model 792-20

The Dispensit© Model 792-20 pinch valve is engineered to dispense a continuous bead or potting in low-pressure feed applications. It can dispense a wide range of water-thin to medium viscosity material and is engineered to prevent material loss during operating air pressure drop. The model 792-20 valve is engineered to eliminate material waste by use of a spring-held pinch bar that closes with air pressure drop.


  • Bead dispensing
  • Potting


  • Water-thin to medium viscosity material


  • Disposable wetted components
  • Remote material supply
  • Fail safe design
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Versatile


The Model 792-20 on/off pinch tube valve is higher flow rate design with needle block outlet to dispense continuous bead or potting applications.


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