Vacuum Pickup Control Unit

Stand-alone vacuum pick-up system used for pick and place functions. Requires shop air or can be air powered through TS350 Series or TS500R dispensers/controllers. Features an adjustable vacuum control knob to set desired vacuum. Maximum operating pressure 100psi (6.9bar).


  • Vacuum control console
  • Pick up pen
  • Vacuum tips (15 and 23 gauge)
  • 5 differently sized vacuum cups
  • Length of air tubing for attachment to air source
  • 2 air connectors
  • Variety of rubber feet


Part Number Description
TS8120 Vacuum Pick Up System
VACKIT Mixed Kit of Vacuum Cup Sizes
8100-005-000 Pick Up Pen Only


Used for pick and place functions. Stand-alone vacuum pick-up requires shop air and can be air powered through TS350 Series and TS500R controllers.


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