TS250/255 Series dispensers

The modern-style enclosure has a small footprint and conserves workspace through exterior design that allows multiple units to be stacked and fastened on top of each other. A highly responsive air pressure and vacuum management system, coupled with a digital timing circuit, provides consistent and repeatable fluid dispensing and material waste control. User friendly firmware provides quick and easy setup function. It is available in two versions of operating pressure; 1-100psi (0.07 – 6.9bar) for general applications and 0-15psi (0.07 – 1.0bar) for specific low viscosity applications.


  • Universal power supply with snap-on plug for worldwide use
  • User Friendly firmware provides easy setup task
  • Digital timing from 0.020-60.000 seconds
  • /- 0.001% Timing repeat tolerances
  • Adjustable vacuum-driven “suck back” to control material “tailing” and waste
  • Stable to conserve work space when multiple TS250/255 units are used together
  • Large, clearly marked air pressure and vacuum control knobs
  • Precise, finely scaled air pressure gauges
  • High visibility, 16 x 2 LCD display panel with back lighting
  • Accessories included
    • Universal power adapter
    • Foot Switch
    • Syringe Stand
    • 10-cc Receiver Head
    • Air hose with fittings
  • Hose holder and sample needles with Accessories included
    • Universal power adapter
    • Foot switch
    • Syringe barrel stand
    • 10cc receiver head
    • Air hose with fittings
    • Cable holder and sample dispensing tips.
System Dimensions W x L x H 6″ x 7″ x 7.2″ (152mm x 178mm x 183mm)
Cycle Rate 600 cycles/minute
Timing Range 0.020 – 60.000 seconds
Timing Repeat Tolerance /- 0.001%
Input Pressure 100psi (6.9bar) maximum
Operating Pressure TS250 1 – 100psi (0.07 – 6.9bar)
Operating Pressure TS255 1 – 15psi (0.07 – 1.0bar)
Dispense Modes Timed and Purge
Meets or Exceeds CE, TUV-GS and NRTL
Warranty 1 Year


The TS250/255 Series dispenses low, medium and high-viscosity fluids accurately and consistently. This intuitive dispenser is immediately usable anywhere in the world with its accompanying tools, accessories and universal power supply.


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