TS-M Metal Dispensing tips

Stainless steel tubing is cut to precise lengths and ground to be burr-free. Cut tubing is crimped into aluminium locking insert, and then moulded into polyethylene hubs. Maximum operating pressure is 100psi (6.9bar). Sold in bulk quantities of 1000.


Sold in bulk quantities of 500

Part Number Domestic
Hub Colour
Gauge Length
(inches/ mm)
TS14-1/2M-500 Aluminium 14 0.5/12.7
TS14-1M-500 Aluminium 14 1.0/25.4
TS14-2M-500 Aluminium 14 2.0/50.8
TS15-1/2M-500 Aluminium 15 0.5/12.7
TS15-1M-500 Aluminium 15 0.5/12.7
TS15-1-1/2M-500 Aluminium 15 1.5/38.1
TS16-1M-500 Aluminium 16 1.025.4
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This series consists of a stainless steel cannula and aluminium hub.


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