Posiload PL Series

The Fluid Research Posiload™ PL Series has been designed to provide true positive volumetric displacement. With this metering machine, metering accuracy is high and is unaffected by changes in output due to varying back pressure or viscosity.



  • Metering accuracy better than /- 0.5%
  • Low and high viscosity acceptance
  • Fully enclosed wetted system
  • Choice of mild steel, stainless steel or special pumps for material compatibility
  • Simple, rugged design

Posiload PL Models

  • PL8025
  • PL8032
  • PL10025
  • PL10032
  • PL10055


The Fluid Research Posiload™ PL Series of machines has been designed to volumetrically meter a pre-determined quantity of a single component flowable fluid.

This metering system is available in five different models. The core capability of each machine remains the same but the specification alters in each  model.  Customers can choose between a pneumatic drive size of 80 or 100mm, while pump tube and piston size can be either 25, 32 or 55mm.

Please see the ‘Models’ listing below for possible options.


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