F1300N Rotary Table Benchtop Robot

The F1300N rotary table provides an efficient method of dispensing a circular pattern on areas that are difficult to access. The tilting Z-axis allows controlled rotary dispensing on a fixed angle.

Used for dispensing adhesives, silicones, grease, and lubricants, the F1300N is fully adjustable in rotation speed, circle diameter and dispensing time. Dispense from barrels, cartridges or valves mounted on the Z-axis.

The Z-axis tilt is easily adjusted to dispense either on a vertical wall within a cylindrical part or on an outside wall. The system is fully programmable to control dispense delay, degree of rotation, and wait period before cycling.




F1300N: Rotary Table


Touch screen LCD display for easy set up and operation
Fully programmable for accurate dispensing
9 user programmable memories
Password-protected operator lock-out mode
I/O interface


Working Area (Diameter) 12″ (300mm)
Cycle Initiation Manual or Automatic
Vertical Travel 50mm (2.00”) other lengths optional
Rotation Speed 0-60rpm
Air Input 70-100psi (5-7bar)
Air Output 1-100psi (5-7 bar)
Dimensions (W/D/H) 635 x 642 x 850mm
Work Load 2kg
Tool Load 10kg
Weight 20kg


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