Disposable Pinch Tube Valves

The TS1212 semi-automatic version relies on a dispensing controller sending a pre-programmed air signal that opens the valve and allows fluid to flow. Once the dispense cycle is complete, the air signal stops and the internal spring forces the shut-off piston to “pinch” the disposable feed path, preventing further fluid flow. The TS1201 is a hand-hand version that works on a similar principle – the operator takes the place of the dispensing controller by pressing and releasing the finger lever to start/stop the dispense cycle. Both versions have a built in flow rate adjustment

The only part of the valve making contact with the fluid being dispensed is the disposable pinch tube assembly making the TS1212 and TS1201 ideally suited to dispensing 2-part and CA (Cyanoacrylate) materials.


The Pinch Tube Valves provide a high degree of control for continuous or micro shot applications of low to semi-viscous fluids whilst utilizing a Disposable Material Path (DMP).


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