Posiload PF Series

The Posiload™ PF is a stainless steel positive displacement food and pharmaceutical metering pump for a single component product.

The metering pump itself is easily removable from the drive and can be conventionally dismantled without the need of tools. Cleaning and reassembly are extremely simple.




The Posiload™ PF Series of stainless steel volumetric displacement pumps has been designed to process single component liquids, creams and pastes, including food and pharmaceutical products.<br/>

The PF Series gives excellent repeatability over a wide range of viscosities normally unavailable in conventional filling equipment.

The simple quick knock down construction, combined with proven Posiload™ positive displacement metering principles, makes them ideal systems for packaging and filling. With a 1ml to 150ml output range (depending on the pump selection) and a shot to shot accuracy of /-0.5%.


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