Twinflow LC50BP

The Twinflow LC50BP is a cost effective, entry level metering, mixing and dispensing machine. It benefits from our parallel fixed ratio drive mechanism ensuring consistent processing of material from low to medium viscosity. Volumetric ratio’s available from 1:1 to 2:1 and shot size range from 5cc to 50cc utilising our proven ‘Posiload’ positive displacement technology. the ‘Posiload’ technology is at the heart of all the Fluid Research piston machines giving confidence to the mix quality and controlled ratio tolerance. Its compact size and small footprint makes it ideal for installation at the point of use enabling a cleaner, safer working environment.

EQUIPMENT Twinflow LC50BP Twinflow LC50BP
 Reservoir Tanks
  • 7L Polyethylene
  • Push in ‘O’ seal lid
  •  Silicone wrap around heating blanket with built in power cable and thermostat control
  • Pneumatic stirrer
  • Moisture trap
 Metering Pumps
  •  Stainless steel wetted parts
  • Fixed ratio
  • Anti abrasive EN40 hardened wearing parts
 Mixing Head
  • 2 Port outlet mixing block
  • Machine mounted
  • Twinmixer anti-drip ‘snuff back’ mixing head
  • Ratio check block
  • 5/3/5 porting for difficult mix ratios
  • PTFE lined stainless steel braided
 Machine Control
  • Pneumatic
  • Foot pedal actuation
  • Full measured shot size control


The Twinflow LC50BP is a pneumatic powered and controlled machine


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