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Fluid Research Ltd Cartridges And Material Packaging

Techcon Systems G Series dispensing guns, retainers and cap accommodates the extensive line of cartridges and Techkits, in particular, 20oz/591ml and 1/10 gallon/325ml cartridges.

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Product Description

Techcon Systems G Series guns and components are designed to accommodate, in particular, 20oz/591ml and 1/10 gallon/325ml cartridges, such as Techcon Systems TS110C and TS20C. Smaller metal retainers that adapt the G Series handle assemblies, for use with the smaller diameter cartridges, are also available. A 20oz (591ml) retainer with adapter is available to accommodate the 20oz (591ml) cartridge.

This pneumatic pistol grip G Series gun provides infinite control of line or dot dispensing and can withstand up to 100psi (6.9bar) pressure. Shipped complete with a fitted 10-foot air hose